Lenovo/IBM Notebooks / Tablets / Netbooks
Lenovo designs and markets personal computing solutions for end-users who require reliability, enhanced productivity and greater value. Lenovo's award-winning products include tablet PCs, desktop PCs, notebook computers, servers, displays and peripheral solutions for business, government, education and home users.


We highly recommend Lenovo Notebooks & Tablets because our experience has proven that Lenovo truly delivers and delivers quickly on it's warranty promises.  Ranked in the top 3 for hardware reliability in a recent U.S. Survey.



Off-Lease Notebooks / Desktops

Off-Lease computers are an economical way of replacing or adding a new computer/laptop to your home or business. We purchase from several large computer refurbishers trying to get the most powerful systems we can for about ½ the price of new.

These refurbishers buy equipment coming off leases with large corporations. They cleanup, test components, and load a legal copy of windows on the laptops or desktops. All Off-lease computers & laptops are grade A and come with a 1 year warranty which reflects the high quality of product & services we offer.