Welcome to Gotech Networking Solutions

15 years ago Dennis Goforth opened GOTECH selling and servicing computers in the Stratford area. While the business dynamics have changed over those years, one thing has not, our commitment to honest, timely, quality products and service to our customers.  We concentrate on getting to know our client’s needs so we can provide them with proper reliable solutions.


At GOTECH we ask a lot of questions to determine the actual requirements of a technical project because often our clients are not really sure what they need. We speak to them in plain understandable terms (not techno jargon) so they feel comfortable with their purchase decision, not pressured.


This year we have partnered with Lenovo to offer leasing to businesses for those larger projects to spread the expense over time.  One of the main business principles that have set us apart from our competition is our approach to the business of technology for our business customers.


We do not try to be “everything” technology for our clients. There is an old saying “jack of all trades, master of none”. We do what we do best and recommend other businesses in the community that specialize in the tech areas we do not cover, like website design, telephone systems, cell phones, internet service, computer training, and accounting. This gives our business clients the best of the best in all areas of their business. Over 250 local businesses clients agree with our approach.